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SMB - Enterprise

Successful businesses thrive because of their competitive edge as they develop, manufacture, market, sell and deliver a set of products to their customers. Businesses must integrate technology in every step of their processes for more efficiency.

Successful integrated technology solutions are based on knowledgeable consultation, design, project management, procurement, and installation & support.

The successful integrated solution meets your business needs using technologies that decrease costs while improving productivity and security. These areas include:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • IP Communications, Voice and Video
  • Information Security
  • Storage Networking
  • Wireless LAN/WAN and Mobility
  • Support

Business to business relationships, expansions, mergers and acquisitions pose some of the largest challenges for all SMB and Enterprise businesses.

Higher bandwidth requirements in your LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and GAN (Global Area Network) are driven by on-demand applications and Just In Time manufacturing philosophies.

Matrix Integration has more than 25 years experience in recommending and implementing local, wide and global network solutions and provides continued personalized service and attention as your business needs and technology change.

Warranty and Software Maintenance Woes

With IT staffs shrinking many organizations have turned to Matrix Integration to manage their hardware and software warranty/maintenance renewal program.

Your Matrix Integration representative will work with you to understand your warranty needs from both an operating perspective as well as financial perspective. The operating cost per hour or per day to your business can never be recouped if a key piece of hardware fails and the appropriate warranty or service agreement is not in place.

Software support and upgrade programs such as Microsoft’s Software Assurance can save your organization thousands of dollars when setup and managed properly.

Speak to your Matrix Integration representative how they can help keep your organization running smoothly when something breaks or to prepare you for when you need to upgrade your software applications.