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As a veteran in the K-12 market, Matrix Integration has achieved the certifications necessary and has access to the resources needed to provide our K-12 customers with the best solution for the needs of their environment. Matrix Integration realizes that schools today use a variety of different computing devices in their classrooms and integrating this technology in the classroom is dependant upon many factors such as your budget, IT needs and student use. Matrix Integration can help you find the solution to fit all of these requirements.

In addition, educational institutions are facing legislative challenges that require schools to achieve new levels of learning for all students. This poses a special challenge in view of the fact that funding for these initiatives is being reduced due to budget constraints. Matrix Integration offers solutions focused on helping to integrate disparate educational systems into an environment that enables all parties to collaborate and share for the common good.

Adaptive Learning Environment
We know that given the daily demands on campus it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve, and with today’s budget cuts, it’s even harder. Without time to develop long-term plans, most campuses are placed in a reactionary mode. We understand that schools rarely have the time or personnel to resolve its IT challenges proactively. Matrix Integration can work with you to establish solutions that go well beyond hardware to provide results that focus on services that will help you adapt to change and plan for tomorrow’s needs.

An adaptive campus can help attract new students, boost productivity, decrease operating costs and expand the reach of your campus for improved learning opportunities. An adaptive campus can help promote better faculty, in addition to promoting the school as a member of the community. This will enable your campus to be recognized as a campus that is located in a thriving community where people want to be.

Matrix Integration provides your campus with the solutions needed to drive results, do more with less, and deal with constant change under tighter budget constraints. Matrix Integration helps colleges and universities create an enhanced learning environment by making it simple and cost-effective to provide all students with their own Notebook PCs or Tablet PCs.

Matrix Integration also promotes mobility services, so your faculty and students can access campus services using a phone or PDA. We provide robust end-to-end mobile solutions exploiting a range of wireless technologies including GSM, GPRS, future 3G standards, WLAN and Bluetooth over a variety of devices including WAP phones, Pocket PCs, portables and desktops.

Some advantages of a mobile campus:

  • Improved competitive position - Students now consider campus technology infrastructures in deciding where to attend school.
  • Efficient technology administration - By implementing a comprehensive laptop program with a standardized platform and network server and storage infrastructure, the maintenance, repair, and upgrade process is greatly simplified, allowing for faster service, uniform support, and increased uptime. The result is a cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Optimal facility usage - Most schools dedicate enormous amounts of space to computer labs. By providing laptops for the student body, schools can reduce or eliminate real estate and are free to dedicate the space to other programs or departments.

HP can help build a unique, reliable program that best fits your needs, making your campus more attractive to new students.


As K-12 schools and universities alike adapt to the changing needs of a sophisticated IT student body and the challenges of running an educational facility, the obstacles created by outdated applications and incompatible configurations become evident. The necessity for multiple software packages, as well as multiple data sources, further increases infrastructure complexity. To meet your objectives as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, IT consolidation is key!

IT consolidation is a process that centralizes data access and replaces many individual systems and unique processes with common management procedures, resulting in potentially dramatic improvements in equipment utilization and lower operating costs. Other benefits of consolidation are greater availability, better and more responsive service levels, non-disruptive growth and the flexibility to rapidly respond to change.


Security must be flexible enough to allow transactions anytime, anywhere, through established trust relationships with approved users while easily disabling access to unauthorized entries. It is a balance of people, processes, and technology that ensure critical operational functions that are capable of meeting the security and privacy needs of your employees, your students and your approved guests.

Why Matrix Integration?

Our entire department serves the Government and Education Markets exclusively!

  • K-12 Schools
  • Higher Education
  • State Government
  • Federal Government

Our Specialties - Contract

Your dedicated Account Manager understands the government and education procurement process and the processes you must use to make your purchases. Our team utilizes state contracts, WSCA contracts, open-market contracts, GSA schedules, E&I contracts, contracts that we ourselves hold and other formal bid processes to ensure you get the best possible price.

HP Direct Relationship

Why choose Matrix Integration as your HP reseller instead of buying direct from HP? The cost to you is nothing, the benefits are unending.

  • You pay nothing more to work with an HP reseller.
  • Our organization has been a Compaq/HP partner for over 25 years.
  • You will have an HP Certified Sales Engineer to answer your technical questions.
  • In-House HP Server Expertise
  • 24/7/365 Team Accessibility
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Care Pack Warranty Registration

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