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As technologies evolve, so do industry demands and research needs. We work with our Higher Education clients to create and design innovative IT solutions that help them respond and adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Campuses need compute power, storage capacity, and networking on a consistent basis. High speed networks, high performance clusters and software defined data are just a few technology offerings that help our clients enhance speed, connectivity and maximize overall performance.

higher-ed-research-computing_resizedAdvance Research

Today’s university research is more reliant on high performance computing and data generation than ever. Our Higher Education clients benefit from our Research Computing and Research Networking knowledge, experience and foresight.

Computing Power for Maximum Performance

Matrix can help ensure your researchers are equipped with top-of-the-line, high-powered integrated hardware that has the necessary computing power to ensure researchers maintain maximum performance. High performance clusters help support your scientific research and life and material science needs for the continued advancement in research.

High Performing Data Connectivity

Research teams generate a lot of data. To advance this research, much of this data needs to be shared with their peers across the globe. The size of this data prevents traditional Internet technologies to transport the data effectively due to limited speed and bandwidth. Matrix has the right industry partnerships to enable researchers to connect to high performing, privately owned networks. These high speed Ethernet and Optical-Based backbone networks give the redundancy, flexibility and simplicity you need.

higher-ed-server_resizedProgressive Technology

Matrix can help with all of your next-generation data center and collaboration needs. Our technology solutions reduce costs, improve productivity and automate your environment, allowing you to streamline your organization as it evolves.

Consistent Performance, Simplified

Campuses need compute power, storage capacity and networking on a consistent basis. Matrix offers software-defined data center solutions offering automation and simplification of your environment. The convergence and consolidation of hardware and applications provide solutions that are simple to manage while providing lower organizational costs. Matrix can help with data center needs including cloud strategies and design.

Fostering Innovation, Enhanced Connectivity

Researchers and institutions need the ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently both inside and beyond their campus walls. Matrix can help transform your learning, research and university operations with innovative collaboration tools that improve productivity and streamline administration.

higher-ed-consulting_resizedMatrix Is On Your Team

We listen. Then we collaborate. Our staff is prepared to partner with you as if they were a member of your own team. With Matrix, you receive solutions unique to your needs, built for maximum efficiency, personalized for the way your team actually works. We are with you on each project from conception to complete integration.

Matrix as-a-Service

Providing a unified IT strategy allows students and faculty to maximize the effectiveness of the university’s technology. Matrix will work in collaboration with you to develop a strategy going forward providing technology guidance on the implementation of future infrastructure. Our managed IT can help support your new technology. We’ll take on much of the burden of maintaining an effective and efficient operation, allowing your staff to stay abreast of the evolving technical landscape your business needs to stay ahead of the game.

Experience and Innovation is your Competitive Advantage

For more than 35 years, Matrix Integration has helped our clients design, implement and utilize best-in-class technology to achieve success. Partnering with Matrix Integration can help you attain and manage the most progressive technology which will positively affect your bottom line and help you make a difference in the lives of your students.

Case Study

Case Study

Looking for ways to further revolutionize cloud technology and provide an environment where researchers and educators could create their own personal clouds, the University of Utah School of Computing wanted to essentially reprogram their cloud's network behavior through software-defined networking.
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The rapid pace and high stakes of your operation require partnerships built on trust. For this reason, we take an active role in the higher education community, maintaining solid working relationships with organizations including:

  • Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI)
  • Regional Optical Networks
  • US Ignite
  • GENI
  • Internet2
  • The Quilt
  • Supercomputing
  • University Conferences such as NCAA, Big 10, PAC-12, SEC

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Partnering with the best in the business, Matrix helps world-class institutions take their capabilities to the next level by employing only top-notch solutions from industry leaders including:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HP Inc.
Juniper Networks

“Matrix takes the nervousness and fear out of risky projects.”

William Newport

Illinois Central College

We Are Your Technology Partner

Matrix Integration's expertise and access to cutting-edge technology positions us to provide the right solution for the critical challenges you face.

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