As technologies evolve, so do customer demands and their requirements. We work with our manufacturing clients to create and design innovative IT solutions that help them respond and adapt to the ever-growing demands of manufacturing.

From technology consulting to managed IT services, Matrix Integration can customize and deliver a full suite of solutions throughout the lifecycle process. Disaster recovery, security and mobility are just a few technology offerings that help increase uptime and employee productivity.

Increase Uptime

Is downtime affecting your margins? You can’t afford to have anything hinder production, or worse yet, shut down completely. At an average cost of $10,000 per hour of downtime, you need your technology working for you, not against you.

Highly Available & Effective Infrastructure

Disaster recovery is critical to your business continuity – when tragedy strikes, you can’t afford to miss a minute of production. Matrix delivers seamless co-location of data centers in a hybrid environment which provides the insurance policy you need when the worst happens.

Behind your manufacturing applications is SAP, CRM, billing, accounting, tracking and everything else you depend on. Matrix provides seamless wired and wireless networking, delivers advanced network management, and leverages Cloud solutions – public, private and hybrid – to lower costs on applications and to keep your business running at optimum efficiency.

Secure Environment

Malware, intrusions, phishing and ransomware are attacking your systems constantly; Matrix’s expertise in network security is second to none. We eliminate those threats, never letting intrusions past the armor we provide. You get full network access control and visibility – when you get hit, you’ll know it, how to stop it, and how to recover quickly.

Increase Employee

How much time do your employees spend waiting on IT when their applications are not working? Salaries are a large fixed cost, and making sure you minimize those costs is crucial.

A Secure Mobile Workforce

Security within an evolving mobile environment is critical to your success and Matrix delivers end-user device management to give you the connectivity and agility you need to keep your manufacturing organization protected.

A Collaborative Workforce

Personalized solutions are key to providing harmony in the workforce. Our solutions are designed, configured and implemented to fit your exact needs which allow you to be always on, always connected, always available.

Matrix Is On Your

We listen. Then we collaborate. Our staff is prepared to partner with you as if they were a member of your own team. With Matrix, you receive solutions unique to your needs, built for maximum efficiency, personalized for the way your team actually works. We are with you on each project from conception to complete integration.

Matrix as-a-Service

Providing a unified IT strategy allows for your team to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s technology. Matrix will work in collaboration with you to develop a strategy going forward providing technology guidance on the implementation of future infrastructure. Our managed IT can help support your new technology. We’ll take on much of the burden of maintaining an effective and efficient operation, allowing your staff to stay abreast of the evolving technical landscape your business needs to stay ahead of the game.

Experience and Innovation is your Competitive Advantage

For more than 35 years, Matrix Integration has helped our clients design, implement and utilize best-in-class technology to achieve success. Partnering with Matrix Integration can help you attain and manage the most progressive technology which will positiviely affect your bottom line and help you make a difference in the lives of your clients.



To stay current with the priorities and issues faced in Manufacturing, along with seeking ways to enhance relationships in this community, Matrix Integration takes an active role in the Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA).

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Partnering with the best in the business, Matrix helps world-class organizations take their capabilities to the next level by employing only top-notch solutions from industry leaders including:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HP Inc.
Juniper Networks


“The Matrix team was extremely patient when faced with changes and dealing with all parties. They were extremely qualified and communicated very well.”

Jeff Payne

NTN Driveshaft Anderson

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