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Lab Manager

Create and manage a library of commonly used configurations and dynamically provision them in seconds with a simple mouse click. VMware vCenter Lab Manager gives users on-demand access to the system configurations they need while achieving significant savings through reduced server, storage and provisioning costs.

Automate the provisioning of multi-machine configurations with virtual lab automation.Decrease planned and unplanned downtime.

Multi-Machine System Configurations

VMware vCenter Lab Manager lets you efficiently store and share multi-machine configurations across teams and geographies with shared image libraries and shared pooling of virtualized servers.

Additionally, Lab Manager simplifies lab administration in a multi-user environment with customizable roles, access rights and dedicated or shared network resource pools.

Rapidly Provision Any Environment with a Single Click

Provision even the most complex multi-tier system and network configurations nearly instantly with VMware vCenter Lab Manager. Give users self-service access to the image library, allowing them to fulfill their own provisioning needs while leaving IT in control of core data center management, storage quotas and server deployment policies—achieving the best of both worlds.

Highly Efficient Business Integration

Your help desk organization will be able to close tickets more quickly and increase customer satisfaction by giving every support engineer the ability to rapidly deploy software releases and recreate customer environments.

VMware vCenter Lab Manager and VMware Infrastructure 3 are also the perfect solution for hosting providers looking for a scalable, highly available and managed infrastructure. Rapid provisioning and efficient use of server and storage resources in a virtualized environment offer competitive advantages for cost-sensitive service providers.

Optimize Application Development and Testing

VMware vCenter Lab Manager enables application development and testing to deploy even the most complex multi-tier system and network configurations on demand.

QA engineers can capture test configurations "in state" in the library and share them with developers to eliminate guesswork when resolving defects. And integrations with leading test management, build automation tools and custom scripts through the VMware vCenter Lab Manager API provide additional automation benefits.

Demo Environments and Logistics Integration

Sales engineers, product managers and trade show staff can set up, capture and reset virtual machine configurations for demo environments in seconds. VMware vCenter Lab Manager allows for simultaneous deployment of identical machines with no risk of network conflicts. Users can access demo lab resources remotely through a secure connection to the corporate network, making your demo equipment portable and available around the clock.

Hands-on Computer Network Support

Set up, tear down and configure lab infrastructure for hands-on training classes, and quickly create and deploy virtual machines to students before each class. Being able to scale a training environment with the number of participants reduces infrastructure cost and increases the effectiveness of the training service being offered.

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