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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VMware view (formerly known as VMware VDI) delivers rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device with all the benefits of centralized management.

The VMware View portfolio of products lets your business information technology department run virtual desktops in the core data center while giving end users a single view of all their applications in a personalized environment on any device, from any location. VMware View helps your organization with:

  • Lower costs by centralizing management, administration and resources
  • Increased security by moving data from desktop devices into the data center
  • Improved agility with faster provisioning and user flexibility with universal access

VMware View—Universal Client Solution

The desktop of the future is not a single PC—it’s a combination of different devices, multiple platforms, legacy and Web-based applications, as well as the end user’s data and settings. Give your end users a personalized view of their desktop, applications and data while maintaining centralized control and security.

Separate the desktop from the underlying hardware and the applications from the operating system to simplify and reduce the costs of desktop management. Provide a Universal Client Solution where desktops follow the user regardless of device or location.

Reduce the Costs of Desktop Management

Save money and time spent on testing, provisioning, managing and supporting traditional Windows desktops. Reduce storage requirements and computer network support costs up to 70 percent with VMware View Composer.

Securely Deliver Complete Desktop Environments

Maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the data center. End users can access their personalized desktop, complete with applications and data, from any location, at any time, without jeopardizing the corporate security policies.

Quickly Provision and Manage Desktops and Applications

Deploy new desktops in minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. Instantly apply desktop updates at any time from a central location with View Manager. Get advanced virtual desktop image management with VMware View Composer and streamline application delivery with VMware ThinApp application virtualization.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for the Desktop

Disaster recovery solutions for the desktop are costly and complex. Through tight integration with VMware Infrastructure 3, VMware View enables customers to simply extend the enterprise-class features—high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity—to the desktop. Back up desktops and data in the datacenter for greater fault tolerance and reliability while providing higher levels of availability to end users.

VMware View 3 solution consists of:

  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VMware Infrastructure 3 + VMware View Manager 3)
  • Storage Optimization with VMware View Composer
  • Application Virtualization with VMware ThinApp
  • Client Virtualization with Offline Desktop—Experimental Use

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