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Matrix Integration is a long-standing strategic partner for Wyse Technology Thin Computing Solutions. As a Select Partner, Matrix Integration has the experience and ability to deliver a full suite of Wyse thin computing hardware and software solutions.

About Thin Computing

Thin computing delivers the productivity people need, at lower cost, all without compromising security or manageability. Thin computing replaces the PC with a thin or zero client, making it easier for your business information technology department to manage user desktops by moving their complexity to the core data center.

Analysts agree that this approach improves reliability and security, dramatically lowers costs and reduces energy consumption measurably. Yet thin computing still provides the access to applications and data that people need to move business forward.

Cost Savings and Logistics Integration in One

Thin computing is not just another name for thin-client computing. Actually, thin computing includes hardware services and software that work with thin clients, zero clients and PCs, as well as wireless devices and other systems. It gives everyone in the organization secure access to the information and the applications they need, without requiring desktop systems to store them.

Thin Computing and Your Business Process Network

Today, as much as 80 percent of IT budgets are allocated to maintenance. Chief information officers many times evolve into chief infrastructure officers as they become consumed with regulatory problems and maintaining uptime. Thin computing reduces the cost of desktop computing by 40 percent—making it an essential strategy for today's business environment.

Best of all, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Application Delivery or VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, allow thin computing solutions to run at desktop speeds, and display rich multimedia, making it easier for business professionals to use in mission-critical applications.

The Time for Wyse Thin Computing Has Arrived

Wyse is the worldwide leader in thin computing, offering thin and zero clients before anyone else. Wyse software makes it easy to provision, manage, update and even service any thin or zero clients from one central location.

It's much easier and more cost-effective to manage several servers than thousands of individual desktop PCs. And with no moving parts, thanks to solid-state technology, Wyse delivers greater reliability, availability and lower cost of ownership than other solutions.

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