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HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance Software

Is the cost of SANs for your virtual servers holding you back? Want higher availability storage for your virtual servers but lack the budget and room for an external SAN system?

The HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance Software creates a shared storage node using resources that already exist inside the physical server running VMware ESX. These nodes can be clustered together to transform existing server storage into a clustered storage system that is managed as a single SAN. This allows you to use all VMware ESX advanced features that need shared storage such as VMware HA, VMotion, DRS, and SRM. You can use the P4000 VSA to cluster disks from multiple servers without disruption and add more as needed. The P4000 VSA is a VMware certified compatible SAN/Storage device customers can count on. Installed easily on any VMware ESX server, the P4000 VSA combines server virtualization and SAN on the same server platform and is fully integrated with HP LeftHand P4000 SAN Solutions.

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HP BladeSystem Matrix

Adaptive Infrastructure delivered!!

HP launched the BladeSystem Matrix, a cloud infrastructure in a box that brings the economics, scalability and response times of the cloud to applications across the data center. With this launch, HP delivers a wire-once adaptive infrastructure that pools network, storage and compute resources to help IT organizations accelerate complex IT projects, simplify daily tasks and continuously lower costs across the data center.

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Storage Solutions

Assessment | Backup | SAN | NAS
Matrix Integration doesn't just sell disk capacity. We take the time to architect storage solutions that improve data availability and reliability throughout your organization.

Many of the solutions are based on storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) options. Networked storage solutions allow storage to be optimized and consolidated, for greater fault-tolerance and lower operational costs. With SAN, storage subsystems are connected to a separate, dedicated network for data storage and retrieval. NAS utilizes existing network resources to provide server-independent file services. Both solutions can be deployed to meet particular storage needs.

Matrix Integration can help you develop a data backup strategy that controls data backup time and the amount of data to be backed up. We can also help you deploy storage management solutions that provide a single-console view of organization-wide storage devices and platforms and utilizes clustering and application management to maximize availability.

HP adds Model 4400 to EVA line

HP introduced a virtual storage disk array designed specifically for midsize customers who need to reduce the costs and complexity of implementing a storage-area network (SAN).

The HP StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4400) offers a combination of high-performance and availability features, virtualization capabilities and advanced provisioning software that makes it ideal for mid-size businesses that want to cost-effectively manage large amounts of data in a SAN environment without investing in deep storage experience.