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Site Survey

Matrix Integration has extensive experience performing wireless site surveys. We specialize in 802.11, Wi-Fi, bridging, load balancing, seamless roaming, and power-over-ethernet (PoE). We provide spectrum analysis, performance recommendations, hardware and software recommendations, and security recommendations.

Site Survey

The site survey identifies the best possible locations to install access points to ensure 100% coverage. Performing a site survey will determine the behavior of radio waves within a facility before installing any wireless devices. Spectrum analyzers are used as a guiding tool to begin the survey. Once an analysis has been completed, actual equipment is then tested.


Matrix Integration can also install your wireless network, test and certify proper operation.

Common activities performed during the installation:

  • Mounting of AP's
  • Mounting of antennas
  • Connection of antennas to AP's
  • Connection of AP's to backbone LAN
  • Connection of power to AP's (or connection to PoE)
  • Verification of current firmware levels, etc.
  • Verification of coverage
  • Configuration of AP's and associated hardware (including SID, IP, etc.)
  • Verification of proper performance of each AP