Purdue University

A major research university known for its innovations in science, technology, and engineering, Purdue is a leader in computer science and development and is also a leading institute for research in life sciences, with the help of their Rice and Conte Supercomputers.

The Problem

Already a computing powerhouse, Purdue sought out additional computational power and more muscular technological capabilities to support research initiatives. In particular, life science research in the areas of drug discovery and plant science were in need of computing resources that would allow them to process the complex data provided by researchers with a goal of providing solutions that lead to new breakthroughs.

The Solution

Partnering with Matrix Integration, Purdue installed Hewlett Packard Enterprise computer nodes with 10-core intel Xeon-E5 processors, each with 20 cores per node at the new Innovation Design center on the school’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus. The Rice and Conte supercomputers also employed hardware from Mellanox and Cisco, emphasizing powerful high-performance computing that can assist campus researchers in their efforts to provide new breakthroughs.

The Result

Rice and Conte represent the next generation of supercomputing power. With additional memory resources and faster access to data storage, as well as improved hardware developments such as smaller, longer-last batteries and jets made more quiet by modeling the exhaust flow allowed for innovations such as integrated high-resolution weather forecast models and high resolution images of viruses. The Rice and Conte supercomputers give Purdue three of the world’s top 500 supercomputers, allowing them to support research initiatives on campus.



  • “Rice” joins “Conte” to give Purdue two of most powerful supercomputers in the nation.
  • Drug discovery and plant science research benefitted from the two computers’ increased data capabilities.
  • Enhances Purdue’s reputation as a computational powerhouse.

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