Data Center Solutions

Data Center performance is no longer an IT responsibility, it’s a business imperative.

To drive growth, data infrastructure must be flexible to adapt to the changing needs of end-users, applications and organizational objectives.

Data Centers: The Backbone of Doing Business

Data Centers are the backbone of business operations. In the “always-on” world, the ability to securely manage and process increasing amounts of data poses challenges to existing infrastructure. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities to harness the power of data and gain a competitive advantage — and Matrix Integration is your partner that will get you there.

Professional Services

Matrix Integration offers a suite of services to help businesses respond to the increasing demands of data center network capacity, scalability and functionality:

  • Design & Assessments. We identify existing roadblocks and illuminate opportunities to optimize the data center for agility and security. Ultimately, we create a vision for the entire data center lifecycle that aligns with your business goals, budget, and organizational capabilities.
  • Convergence & Integrations. We design solutions that achieve business results and maximize organizational impact. Consolidating systems can improve performance by centralizing management and increasing resource-utilization rates, while lowering costs.
  • Software & Hardware Upgrades. New technology can solve performance issues, and optimize your environment. Upgrading hardware often requires system updates as well. Most upgrades save money in the long run by ensuring systems are compatible and running optimally.
  • Project Management & Implementation. Following our Lifecycle Services Methodology, our team integrates devices and new capabilities in accordance with the design—without compromising availability or performance. Implementation includes installing, configuring, integrating, testing, and commissioning all systems.

Managed Services

When it comes to running your business more efficiently, we’re there for your team, at every stage of the data center lifecycle. From mitigating outages to maintaining high availability, reliability, and security, we can take on much of the burden of monitoring and improving your data center operations. Managed Services allow you to focus on your business while we focus on your IT. Contact us today to see if this is a right fit for your organization.

Industry Partners

Matrix Integration maintains expertise across leading technology manufacturers in the industry, including solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware.


Our Solutions

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Server Virtualization
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Backup and Recovery

“It was a pleasure to work with Matrix. They were very knowledgeable about all aspects of the installation, easy to communicate with and able to resolve any questions or issues.”

Jeff Payne

NTN Driveshaft Anderson

We Are Your Technology Partner

Matrix Integration's expertise and access to cutting-edge technology positions us to provide the right solution for the critical challenges you face.

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