Did you get the “call” that your IT specialist just quit? Now what?.

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Your company’s IT specialist is an essential part of the team. But what if they quit today?
Spoiler alert: You may want to create a better plan going forward.

As a CEO, CFO, or COO, you know IT professionals are central to the success of an overall business operation. Without their consultation and hands-on knowledge, operational issues like security concerns or downed systems jeopardize network security or reliable associate work stations. On a separate note, have you considered the training costs involved with prepping your IT person – or team? If or when they leave your organization, it’s back to the starting line.

What would we all do without the company IT guy? (Or, lady, of course!) – IT specialists and managers play a key role in establishing and maintaining smooth, day-to-day operations for any business. Many clients undervalue their impact and only recognize their role as critical when they suddenly depart or take leave (taking with them critical information that many times isn’t documented). If you oversee a non-profit organization, manufacturing operation, or healthcare practice; you may be at a complete loss as to what to do in the short term.

Many organizations are fortunate to have a team of IT experts in-house or on-call to help address any technology needs as they arise, large or small. For technology infrastructure or networking-related needs, an experienced, well-trained IT manager is indispensable. Oftentimes, some clients admit they don’t know what they have until it’s gone (the IT guy, that is). Additionally, some companies may not place enough value on the importance of excellent training in relation to managing your company’s IT, specifically. This may result in costly problems ranging from minor or inconvenient to infrastructure-critical.

How to resolve these potential conundrums? In short, you need an IT Management plan…Stat!

Outsource IT management to a team of experts

When you consider the potential risks involved with having a single IT administrator at your organization, selecting a Managed IT Service Provider is a smart decision. This is particularly true if your organization includes approximately 50 users within the organization. When you consider the cost of hiring an in-house IT specialist or manager, you’re likely looking at around a $75,000 salary plus additional benefits and professional training expenses. When you choose a managed IT service provider like Matrix Integration, a bundled package of IT services is at your team’s disposal for an equivalent investment, and it’s an investment you’re unlikely to regret.

Managed IT services reach beyond the capabilities of a single IT expert

When your team decides to partner with a Managed IT Service Provider, you’ll have a team at-the-ready to help your organization plan, implement, and maintain its technology needs holistically from the ground up. Or, perhaps your company needs only a handful of IT services. While that may be the case now, as the business evolves and grows, Matrix Integration’s broad range of services is here as you need it.

MiAssurance is the premier approach to managed IT services

The list of benefits is nearly endless when you consider what a comprehensive, managed IT bundle can provide. When you select this route for your IT needs, you can eliminate HR and benefits issues, along with training expenses and periodic unavailability of an in-house IT specialist. You won’t want to be faced with a network outage the week your in-house IT pro goes on vacation – trust us, that is no fun.

With Matrix Integration’s MiAssurance offering, you have access to an entire team of professional engineers who are ready to deliver well beyond what a single IT person is capable of providing. This includes:

  • Help Desk
  • Network Monitoring
  • Workstation Management
  • Software/Firmware Updates
  • License Management
  • Backup Verification/Testing
  • Progress Reports and Business Planning
  • Remote Engineering/Remediation Services
  • Vendor Management
  • And more!

When you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to establishing a reliable IT presence at your organization, consider the positive impact a Managed IT Service Provider can have on both short and long-term operations.

Contact us today – we’re ready to help you create a plan for IT stability and success!

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