We believe in maximizing every possible efficiency for our manufacturing partners. We believe that technology is the single best weapon you have to reduce costs, eliminate waste and increase speed. And we believe manufacturing remains the backbone of the American economy.

Never before have so many technological solutions been available to the manufacturing industry. At Matrix Integration, we pride ourselves on knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all available options so you get the best possible architecture to serve your needs.

We help create technological synergies that provide seamless integration to maximize your manufacturing technology’s potential. Our specialty is listening very carefully to your needs, utilizing the systems you already have, and integrating the perfect mechanisms to create a harmonious, seamless operation.

Defend Your Floor

We understand eliminating downtime is critical to your business, and the first step to an efficient production line is the reduction of waste. That begins with making certain your system is secure from attack.

A Vulnerable Factory

Your machines are the lifeblood of your operation; the last thing you can afford is for them to go down. Croff-contamination between your business machines and your factory machines is a persistent and pressing threat.

Next-gen firewalls provide a solid perimeter defense, and Matrix Integration strengthens your defenses with NAC (Network Access Control), which evaluates a user’s credentials, their device’s patch level, and verifies their anti-malware software is current. We ensure your network is secured inside and out.

IP Protection

Your operation is different from any other. Your patents, formulas, and processes are an invaluable piece of what makes you unique. Allowing them to fall into the wrong hands would spell disaster for your company.

Network segmentation protects your IP, but just like any other environment, your network remains vulnerable to malicious threats, intentional or accidental. Matrix Integration designs your infrastructure to proactively monitor your network so you can pivot from a defensive stance to a proactive one. When you can see every aspect of your network and analyze it for malicious behavior, you can see what’s happening and take steps to mitigate the threat immediately.

Rapid Recovery

Downtime can cost thousands of dollars an hour. Speed and efficiency are critical when one of your systems goes offline. Every minute wasted cuts into your bottom line.

Utilizing the latest disaster recovery technology, Matrix Integration combines onsite, cloud and hybrid systems to ensure your business continuity. We are the reliable partner that gets you back on your feet quickly. Not only do we provide backup systems that give you ready access to your critical data, we run continuous testing and drills to ensure the right solutions are in place and working at peak performance. When the worst happens, our team knows exactly what to do so nothing keeps you down.

Reinforce Your Tech

The rapid advancement of IoT allows for increased performance and speed, but isolated system silos that fail to work in concert are a drain on your time.

Leverage Your Equipment

Technological advances allow efficiencies and sensors in your machinery, telemetry, building controls, security systems, tracking devices and tracking materials – anything that can be connected will be.

Matrix Integration allows you to streamline your floor by managing the intelligence of your devices at an optimum level, combining all your data into useful and highly visible systems. When your technology works together in harmony, you can manage expense, quality and speed with ease.

Shield Your System

IoT creates huge opportunities but those benefits come with a cost – they open a door for cybercriminals. ICS and SCADA devices are notoriously vulnerable; security is typically not built into those devices and their software is difficult or impossible to upgrade by patching vulnerabilities.

We proactively monitor your IoT devices and give you the ability to respond quickly. Matrix Integration ensures you get all the benefit possible from your IoT without suffering the drawbacks. Your production floor can run at maximum efficiency while being fully secure.


We focus on the technology foundation so you don’t have to.

Matrix Technical Assistance Center (MTAC) ensures operational continuity backed by 24/7/365 monitoring and support, built-in redundancy/disaster recovery, and industry-leading service level guarantees for performance, availability, and response and resolution. MTAC can take the tasks you don’t want off your plate so you have time to focus on what matters to you.



To stay current with the priorities and issues faced in Manufacturing, along with seeking ways to enhance relationships in this community, Matrix Integration takes an active role in the Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA) and the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Partnering with the best in the business, Matrix helps world-class organizations take their capabilities to the next level by employing only top-notch solutions from industry leaders including:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HP Inc.


“The Matrix team was extremely patient when faced with changes and dealing with all parties. They were extremely qualified and communicated very well.”

Jeff Payne

NTN Driveshaft Anderson

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