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Struggling to meet the demands of your employees and boss?

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Worried bringing on an MSP would undermine your position?

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How we do it

Let us fill in the gaps

We’re not in the business of putting IT directors out of a job. We’re here to support you in the areas you’re falling short. Maintain complete control over your IT processes while focusing on what you do best while we act as your dedicated team of experts to take on the overflow.

Pick up where you left off

While many other managed service providers will require you to start from scratch with an entirely new tech stack, we meet you where you are and bridge the gaps between your existing IT infrastructure and your goals.

Plug into our proven process

Feeling apprehensive about making a major operational change? We’ve helped hundreds of companies quickly and easily transform their IT operations by plugging into our proven process for success. We can do the same for you.

Discover MiPartnership Solutions

Gain complete IT support from experts that care

  • MiAssurance
  • MiConnection
  • MiManaged
  • MiProtection
  • MiAssurance

    Fully Managed Support with Future Business Planning


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  • MiConnection

    Hosted PBX & Microsoft Teams Direct Calling


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  • MiManaged

    Client-Directed - Co-Managed ‘A La Carte’ IT Service Offerings


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  • MiProtection

    Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments & 24/7 Response and Mitigation


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Hear from past clients about
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IT is critical, like accounting, but should NOT be the center of our business. Before Matrix we had big, unresolved issues for months, some for years. Some we just got used to trying to work around or circumvent. We didn’t know what good and reliable support looked like. When we switched to Matrix, we quickly realized what we were missing for so many years. The team is responsive and typically they resolve the issue in the first call. They have made the team’s jobs so much easier.

Ben Wrightsman
President and CEO, BIC

Management of our network is much easier now. The streamlining of our infrastructure and the upgrades in security and backups mean that we can focus on supporting our company as it continues to grow.

IT Manager
Global Automotive Supply Chain Company

Rapid response is important when dealing with a down issue and Matrix is on it!

Jane Farmer Daniel C. Eby

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Johan smith

The Matrix Integration Secret

We’ve been asked: aren’t all MSPs the same? The simple answer is no. As your dedicated IT team, we have a unique method of managing your IT.

The Pod Approach

Upon selecting Matrix, you’ll be introduced to your “Pod” which includes a Customer Advocate, NetAdmin, Data Center Specialist, Network Specialist, and designated Help desk resources. This approach is built to scale and designed to eliminate single points of failure, while maintaining an intimate personal touch.

Security Focused & Compliant

Work with a vetted company that provides premium security SOC-2 (Systems and Organizations Controls 2) compliant services. We are diligent & disciplined to ensure your protection. Don’t take our word for it; We have checks & balances which involve yearly, 3-party compliance officers reassessing our adherence.

Assigned Client Advocate

Have a real conversation with your own personal business analyst. Process-driven, non-commission, and outcome-focused, your advocate will manage your 1-, 3-, 5-year roadmap and project plan with industry standards in mind. Additionally, they are EOS/traction trained to communicate your needs to the technical resources.

Strategic Vendor Management

When immediate needs take up too much of your attention, you’re left with little time to focus on your future IT goals. With Matrix, you gain a team of specialists to handle the intricate nuances of your technology processes, while providing the support you need to succeed.


Our Process

After 40+ years in business,
we’ve created a controlled and
proven process that facilitates a
frictionless integration of our team
with our clients’ existing IT operations.

  1. Discovery
  2. OnBoardig
  3. Full Go-Live
  4. Planning & Implementing
  5. Recurring Review & Mgmt
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Future State Planning
– Completely Free

Your IT process never ends. We’ll help you stay vigilant when it comes to changing federal regulations and cyber insurance requirements, while maintaining a strong defense against future security threats as your business continues to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by “managed IT services”?

Outsourcing your IT department to allow you to focus on your core competencies and allow a service provider to proactively consult and provide guidance that aligns with your key business initiatives.

How do I choose which IT service offerings my business needs?

Consult with your IT service provider to understand what solutions your business needs and how technology can help you leverage and align with your desired outcome.

What are examples of managed services?

Examples of managed services include:

  • Vendor Management
  • Help Desk
  • Network Monitoring
  • Remote Engineering/Remediation Services
  • Workstation Management
  • Software/Firmware Updates
  • License Management
  • Backup Verification/Testing
  • Progress Reports and Business Planning

What does SOC-2 compliance mean?

SOC-2 compliance (sometimes referred to as SOC-II) is a certification provided by third-party auditors to managed services providers (MSPs). It is a voluntary standard that provides a security framework for how organizations should manage customer data. It is based on the following Trust Services Criteria:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy