Lifecycle Services Methodology

Our approach helps clients accelerate their success with advanced technologies and improve their systems’ business value and return on investment.

Matrix Integration recognizes that client success in the adoption of advanced technologies is compromised if a consistent, proven methodology is not used. This approach aligns business and technical requirements through all five phases of the technology lifecycle and applies to all types of companies with various sizes, locations, geographic reaches, and overall technology requirements.


Business agility starts with preparation and planning. Matrix Integration works with organizations to put together a business case and financial rationale to support the adoption of a new technology. By carefully anticipating future needs and developing both a technology strategy and a high-level architecture to meet those needs, an organization is better equipped to contain costs during deployment and operations. Successful technology deployment depends on an accurate assessment of an organization’s current network, security state, and overall readiness to support the proposed solution. To evaluate and improve network security, Matrix Integration tests the infrastructure for vulnerability to intruders and outside networks. A detailed project plan is then developed to identify adequate resources to manage the project to completion, individual responsibilities, potential difficulties, and critical tasks necessary to deliver the final project on time and on budget.


Developing a detailed design is essential to reducing risk, delays and the total cost of network deployments. A design aligned with business goals and technical requirements can improve network performance while supporting high availability, reliability, security and scalability. Day-to-day operations and network management processes need to be anticipated and, when necessary, custom applications are created to integrate new systems into existing infrastructure. The design phase can also guide and accelerate successful implementation with a plan to procure, stage, configure, test and validate infrastructure operations.


Organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase the return on their technology investment. Part of the answer is to design a solution that achieves business results and maximizes organizational impact (the return). The other part of the answer is to choose a purchasing mechanism that minimizes the initial investment and matches the organizations cash flow and other finance targets (the investment). During the procure phase it’s important for organizations to choose the most appropriate buying vehicle: i.e. contracts, quantity purchases, purchasing consortia, department/association resource pooling and promotions. Financing options like leasing, deferred payments and recurring annuities also exist to help organizations align business and finance goals while maximizing their return on investment.


Information and communication technology is essential to any successful organization, and it must deliver vital services without disruption. In the implement phase, Matrix Integration works to integrate devices and new capabilities in accordance with the design – without compromising availability or performance. After identifying and resolving potential problems, Matrix Integration accelerates your return on investment with an efficient migration and successful implementation – including installing, configuring, integrating, testing, and commissioning all systems. After network operation is validated, an organization can begin expanding and improving IT staff skills to further increase productivity and reduce system downtime.


Network operations and optimization represent a significant portion of IT budgets, so it’s important to be able to reduce operating expenses while continually enhancing performance. Throughout the manage phase, Matrix Integration proactively monitors the health and vital signs of the network to improve service quality; reduce disruptions; mitigate outages; and maintain high availability, reliability, and security. In addition to monitoring the health, during the manage phase, Matrix Integration is continually looking for ways to achieve operational excellence through improved performance, expanded services, and periodic reassessments of technology value. As an organization looks to optimize its network and prepares to adapt to changing needs, the lifecycle begins anew – continually evolving the network and improving results.

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