Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

When a few key resources left the IT department of this Kentucky-based credit union, Matrix Integration was able to step in to help ease the transition.

The Problem

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the state of Kentucky. With fifteen locations, Matrix had been working with Fort Knox to help modernize their infrastructure to better serve customers.

During this time, management at Fort Knox ran into a common issue that most companies experience: employee turnover, realignment of employee duties, and introduction of new strategic leadership (CIO). Fort Knox wanted to keep their modernization projects moving forward smoothly.

The Solution

Fort Knox management needed someone to prioritize their IT projects and organize staff members to execute them. Even though the new CIO had known the Matrix team members for a short time, he saw that they had both keep knowledge of the network architecture as well as a strong rapport with the IT department.

Together, Matrix and the CIO worked out a short-term, on-site IT consulting agreement to help the company through its transition period. Matrix suggested that the plan include not only technology assistance, but mentoring and human resources support. Essentially, the Matrix team proposed working with each individual member of the Fort Knox team to help them determine their skills and personal goals, and then guide them to teams and projects that leveraged their strengths.

The Result

After three months, the department’s productivity was exceeding previous levels. Although the consulting engagement wasn’t lengthy, the lasting efforts of the personal involvement and expertise remain.

Employees still talk about the strong bonds established between the employees and the Matrix team, and the renewed enthusiasm they feel towards their jobs. Overall, the consulting engagement with Matrix helped Fort Knox gain stability during a time when there were many unknowns, and empower the individuals in the Fort Knox IT department to succeed and move forward on their own.

“Matrix’s ability to dissect the project planning process, apply it to our environment, guide the project management process and shpae team collaboration was done in a very professional and effective manner. The bond and trust that you have established with the team was nothing like I have seen before and I am very glad to have the legacy of what you have established to carry our existing and new projects forward to completion.”

David Evangelista

Director of Information Technology, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

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