Monroe County Community School Corporation

A temporary power issue turns into a long-term solution involving a disaster recovery failsafe plan with a backup data center.

The Problem

Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC), in Bloomington, Indiana, is a district ahead of its time. With 23 elementary, middle and high schools and more than 11,000 students, the administration is committed to keeping its data center up and running 24/7 to serve parents, students and teachers, anytime, anywhere.

When the IT leaders in the district discovered some power issues that could interrupt service, they knew they could have a big problem on their hands.  With all the servers running code and housing essential information, an unintentional shutdown could corrupt their data or cause them to lose it altogether.

The Solution

When the district learned they’d need to shut down their entire infrastructure for two days to upgrade the power supply, they wanted to know what it would take to create a complete backup. Matrix knew right away that this solution could possibly be over MCCSC’s budget, so they consulted with the district about some options that would give them zero downtime.

To cut the cost dramatically, Matrix worked with leaders at the district to determine which parts of their network and what applications were mission-critical, and what could be down for a short time without affecting day-to-day operations. Once these decisions were made, Matrix designed a custom data center solution to keep them online, within their budget.

The Result

Today, MCCSC has a working failsafe option that operates at an offsite location. If a critical server goes down – or even needs a little maintenance – that server automatically switches over to the backup and school continues as usual.

MCCSC is ahead of the curve. Most school districts don’t have a disaster recovery option because of cost. However, Matrix and MCCSC were able to come up with a solution that provides peace-of-mind for emergencies and currently saves time and money from having to perform after-hours upgrades.

“The ongoing operation of our network is critical to the people that work in the district, as well as maintaining constant access for parents and students. As more of our educational world becomes dependent on accounts, databases, systems, and 24×7 access, scheduled downtime is no longer an option. Being able to keep everything running, all the time, has saved us countless hours in downtime, and allowed for critical maintenance to take place during production hours with no disruption to our classrooms.”

Tim Pritchett

Director of Technology, Monroe County Community Schools

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