Cybersecurity Budgeting: Heavy Spending Is Not Always Smart Spending.

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Any business owner who has looked into the many cybersecurity services available doubtless realizes that an endless amount of money can be poured into beefing up an organization’s network security.

There are countless services to invest in, which can mislead a business owner who may not have the cybersecurity knowledge that discerns between what is essential, and what is less than essential, in building network security.

As a result, a cybersecurity budget may expand while actual security benefits may only barely improve.

Budget Better with a Cybersecurity Framework

Matrix Integration can help you budget better with a cybersecurity framework that will match your business with the best practices for preventing, detecting, and recovering from cybersecurity threats. We identify what is essential for your business and base your budget around meeting those essentials.

A cybersecurity framework identifies your businesses’ unique strengths and weaknesses and reallocates your resources to creating a more balanced and secure network.

For instance, if your employees share sensitive customer or company data, we will work to find the best security measures for preventing phishing incidents or unauthorized logins. In those cases, two-factor authentication systems and firewall protection would be considered essentials for your organization.

Of course, not every business operates the same, which is why a cybersecurity framework helps us get a deep understanding of your company’s security needs. Even if you have no idea where to start with cybersecurity, the experts at Matrix Integration will help you through the process.

Likewise, if you are already running cybersecurity tools, our team will identify what you need and don’t need. What you can afford to lose will save you money without weakening your network.

One such essential is an investment in data backups, which we will detail below.

Best Practice Example: Investing in Backups

Among the most common cybercrimes is the use of “ransomware” that prevents companies from accessing essential, useful, or sensitive data stored on a company’s network. A ransom is demanded to retrieve the data from the criminal. However, some ransomware incidents result in a paid ransom but no returned data.

This threat alone provides a strong argument for making sure your cybersecurity budget includes adequate funds for backups, which can turn a potentially disastrous data breach into a mere annoyance.

Backup provider Veeam suggests the 3-2-1 Backup rule that applies to any valuable data you may have: 3 copies stored on 2 different media (e.g., flash drives), with 1 backup copy in a separate area (so, keep one flash drive at your home and the other in your office).

Keeping backup copies of data can protect from more than just cybersecurity breaches, as accidental deletions and computer crashes are common incidents that can threaten data security.

Get the Most Out of Your Cybersecurity Budget with Matrix Integration

If you want to narrow your scope to other best practices, do not hesitate to partner with Matrix Integration. You will enjoy the guidance of industry experts who know what network solutions are the most essential for the prevention of cyberattacks and other digital threats. Get in contact with Matrix Integration if you want to strengthen your security without stretching your budget.

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