Frequently Asked

We have compiled a list of common questions and possible solutions concerning professional services and IT solutions.

How do I set up a teleworker or work from home solution?

Obtain Wi-Fi equipped devices (i.e. laptops, desktops, mobile) that allows a person to establish a secure connection to communicate via voice and shared data.

When should I implement a mobility solution?

Anytime you need users to be mobile or work outside of your office, a mobility solution is a viable plan for how to accomplish those tasks while maintaining data integrity.

Why should I enable two-factor authentication?

It helps defend your business against hackers trying to imitate you and extort your business or your clients and vendors.

How do I secure my network? Email?

There are many ways to provide security (i.e. two-factor authentication, strong password, password policies).

What are managed services?

Outsourcing your IT department to allow you to focus on your core competencies and allow a service provider to proactively consult and provide guidance that aligns with your key business initiatives.

Where is my company’s data center?

It can be located on premise or stored off-site such as in the cloud or remote locations.

What are data center solutions?

Reliable products and services that help build, retain and protect your data.

How do I choose which IT service offerings my business needs?

Consult with your IT service provider to understand what solutions your business needs and how technology can help you leverage and align with your desired outcome.

What is network security monitoring?

Network security monitoring is an IT solution to prevent intrusion, provide alerts and notifications to prevent you from attacks.

What makes a good technology partner?

Delivering the appropriate solutions on time and on budget to meet the client’s desired expectations, while coaching and educating even after implementation.

What is a technology advisor? And why does every company need one?

Technology advisors are specialized consultants that determine the right solutions and services that fit your business.

How do I protect my small business from cyber attacks?

Matrix Integration recommends a consultative security assessment to understand your business needs, vulnerabilities and desired outcomes.

What does professional services mean?

Professional services are technical resources that design, implement, and support the technology solutions that we provide to help people succeed.

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