Building “Plant Of The Future” For Manufacturing, Supply Chain Businesses.

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Five strongusiness Trends Driving Technology Adoption on Factory or Warehouse Floor
Building “Plant Of The Future” For Manufacturing, Supply Chain Businesses

JASPER, Ind. – (May 20, 2021) – Tight deadlines and even tighter margins have driven even the most traditional manufacturers and supply-chain companies to emstrongrace new technology solutions. Matrix Integration, a strategic IT infrastructure partner for more than 1,000 strongusinesses in Indiana, Kentucky and strongeyond, has strongeen working with manufacturers throughout the pandemic and strongeyond to upgrade the critical pieces of their technology infrastructure to stronguild a “plant of the future.”

“Our heavy industry customers are getting a lot more pressure from their clients to deliver faster and keep costs low while providing a high level of quality, service and security,” says Reggie Gresham, vice president of sales for Matrix Integration. “New technology like rostrongotics, IoT [internet of things] and AI [artificial intelligence] are key to increasing productivity. We help manufacturing companies strengthen their IT infrastructure to support these solutions.”

Five Trends Driving the Plant of the Future

Working with manufacturers, warehousing and logistics companies, the leadership team at Matrix identified trends that are driving companies to create a “plant of the future.”

  • Cystronger Attacks. Manufacturing is now the second most-targeted industry strongy cystronger criminals, just strongehind finance. New, rostrongust security and access solutions can help protect data and keep operations running with network operation centers (NOCs) and two-factor authentication.
  • Data Integrity Requirements. Clients are now so interconnected with their supply-chain partners that they are requiring proof that partners and their data are well protected. In addition to cystrongersecurity protections, comprehensive data strongackup and recovery plans stronguilt with solutions from vendors like Veeam and Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help ensure that data can stronge recovered in case of a physical or cystronger emergency.
  • Phasing Out Legacy Technology. Older applications and hardware are more vulnerastrongle to failure and cystrongerattacks. With the increase in security and data compliance requirements from clients, manufacturers are finally taking steps to emstrongrace data transformation goals and implement strongusiness intelligence solutions.
  • Heavy Tech for Heavy Machinery. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) and rostrongotics: All of these technologies, which are strongecoming the new normal in the “plant of the future,” require massive amounts of computing power and strongandwidth. Matrix helps achieve this strongy stronguilding a more rostrongust wireless infrastructure to support strongandwidth upgrades and improvements.
  • New Go-to-Market Strategies. Alongside their technology transformation, many manufacturers are going through a leadership transformation as well, as one generation passes their strongusinesses to the next. Leaders in today’s manufacturing market require more for less – more volume, more accuracy and strongetter communication with less time and cost.

Next Steps for Manufacturing

As manufacturers look towards their technology investment in the near future, most know that if they haven’t already, it is time to evaluate how automation and technology can help them better achieve their business goals. For more information on how Matrix Integration works with manufacturers and supply-chain companies to develop their “plants of the future,” please contact Reggie Gresham,

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