K-12 Education Solutions.

In everything we do, we believe in making it easier for students to learn and easier for teachers to teach. We believe in enabling safe and secure continuous K-12 education. We believe that students deserve the best possible tools to make the most of tomorrow. And we deeply believe in tomorrow.

Without your help, your students face the insurmountable challenge of preparing for a future that is fiercely competitive and unimaginably tech-heavy. We cannot fail them.

Rapidly changing educational needs and the quickly evolving IT landscape have created challenges for K-12 schools charged with building, managing and upgrading IT infrastructure. Matrix Integration comes alongside you as an experienced partner to create a stable technology foundation. Our goal is to take the load off so you can focus on what matters most: the kids.

Help Your Students

You care about your students. So do we. They are the future; your job is to ensure they have the education they need to compete.

  • Classroom Connectivity

1:1 devices are great, but if the WiFi isn’t strong enough, fast enough or reliable enough, your students are left with no tool at all. We all know what happens in the classroom when the connection goes down: students disengage, teachers get frustrated, and class comes to a screeching halt.

Matrix Integration designs your network from the ground up to ensure connectivity issues remain a thing of the past. Stable, secure systems that adapt to your changing needs are built into the foundation of our designs so those very expensive 1:1 devices are always doing what they’re designed for: helping your students learn.

  • Education Efficiency

There have always been distractions: paper airplanes and passing notes have become social media and cyberbullying. The last thing anyone needs is a foul-up with a login or a misconfigured system that hinders access to critical data and distracts the class from moving forward. And the last thing you need is to get called down to the classroom one more time to fix it.

Efficiency comes from great design. Matrix Integration builds your configuration right from the ground up, ensuring your staff can focus on more important tasks and your teachers can get back to teaching.

Help Yourself

Students aren’t the only ones who need good tools. You’re struggling to keep up with the competition and to do that you need the right technology.

  • Sound Security

All your information is digital: names, addresses, payroll, social security numbers…even lunch money. Cyberattacks are stalking your system right now waiting for an opening to take it all. And if that isn’t enough you’ve got students pursuing inappropriate sites loaded with malware, ransomware, and phishing scams.

Matrix Integration protects you inside and out. Your students personal information is secure from external threats with our best-in-class filtering, anti-malware and firewall configurations that keep hackers on the other side of the fence. And to protect you from your own students (and staff), Matrix Integration provides an unparalleled level of geo-locating visibility that allows your staff to lock down students from opening the wrong site.

  • Budget-Friendly Solutions

We are called upon to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and to get the most out of the resources given to us. But no one ever gets the budget they want, and it can be frustrating to spread insufficient funds over too many projects.

Matrix Integration believes there’s always a solution. We focus on giving you the best value, which means integrating the system that’s right for you. Proper design is the key to delivering a sustainable 1:1 program and we have 35 years of experience in getting it done right. And once you’ve implemented that, you can focus on showing the correlation between technology and improved outcomes so next year’s budget conversation is that much easier.

Professional Services

We focus on the technology foundation so you don’t have to.

Matrix Technical Assistance Center (MTAC) ensures operational continuity backed by 24/7/365 monitoring and support, built-in redundancy, disaster recovery, and industry-leading service level guarantees for performance, availability, and response and resolution. MTAC can take the tasks you don’t want off your plate so you have time to focus on what matters to you.

We are your technology partner.

Matrix Integration’s expertise and access to cutting-edge technology positions us to provide the right technology solutions for the critical challenges you face.

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