Mooresville Consolidated
School Corporation.

Tasked with creating a scalable remote learning system, a K-12
school district works with Matrix Integration to build a unified and
collaborative e-learning solution that will work along with the
traditional in-person educational setting to serve as a “Classroom of
the Future” for years to come.

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • Mooresville Schools is a K-12 public school district in Indiana, serving about 265 teachers and 4,400 students in seven schools. Already a leader in utilizing technology for learning, Mooresville is a longtime partner with Matrix Integration. With the health and safety of their community in mind, Mooresville looked to implement a robust, collaborative remote-learning solution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of an interactive at-home learning program could mean that some students would not receive a comparable educational experience to those students who attended on-site, which could lead to some students leaving to an alternate educational setting. The potential loss of these students could have a negative impact on the school culture and have a significant financial impact on the district. It was critical that Mooresville keep as many students as possible.

  • The Matrix Integration team and technology leaders from Mooresville Schools worked together with partners from Cisco to design a comprehensive remote-learning ecosystem that allows for individualized instruction, as well as social and emotional growth opportunities. The solution included WebEx with Telepresence endpoints, providing:

    • A safe and secure, continuous learning environment, allowing teachers to be unchained from their desk and free to move around the room, while staying engaged with their students
    • Ease of classroom attendance.
    • Ability to effortlessly share content and stay connected with students
    • Free, unlimited recordings that can be shared safely, as well as, intuitive translation to the required language, via subtitles, within the recorded session.
  • Over 600 students are currently utilizing the system. Initially, the e-learning platform allowed the district to create a strong remote learning program in a very short amount of time. The solution, a comprehensive remote-learning ecosystem, allows for individualized instruction, as well as social and emotional growth opportunities for students. The Mooresville school district sees multiple benefits, including:

    • A potential savings of up to $4 million in state funding, due to keeping students in the district.
    • Teacher time-savings from the ability to collaborate on and share lesson plans.
    • Administrative time-savings for future student sick days or district snow days.
    • Wider range of learning opportunities.


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Management of our network is much easier now. The streamlining of our infrastructure and the upgrades in security and backups mean that we can focus on supporting our company as it continues to grow.

IT Manager,
Global Automotive Supply Chain Company

It was a pleasure to work with Matrix. They were very knowledgeable about all aspects of the installation, easy to communicate with and able to resolve any questions or issues.”

Jeff Payne
NTN Driveshaft Anderson

Everything was specified as planned and the ordering process was very quick and easy. The Matrix team was very polite and professional and completed the work in 1 day versus 2. Overall I highly recommend Matrix for any networking needs!”

Jesse Harvey
Tri-County Career Center

The Matrix team is always very professional and their technicians are world-class solution providers.”

Virgil Rasche
Hampton Inn Evansville/Airport

Thanks to the Matrix team, the project ran smoothly from beginning to end with no disruption of service and we experienced no problems after the installation.”

John Louden
Lexington Fayette County Health Department

I’m extremely thankful to be in a strategic partnership with Matrix Integration. Their technical expertise, leadership, and attention to detail, along with our industry leading solutions and technologies will ensure that we are offering the best in class solutions to their end users and customers. They are the true definition of a “partner” and care about the entire ecosystem.”

Steven DeMarzio
Trend Micro

While e-learning has been a significant challenge, Matrix Integration has been instrumental in providing guidance and support. We developed a robust remote learning system that was implemented within weeks and has plenty of room for growth.”

Holly Frye
Assistant Superintendent, Mooresville Schools

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