Battery Innovation Center (BIC).

It’s hard to innovate if your infrastructure isn’t ready and reliable.
Battery Innovation Center turned to Matrix Integration to help
provide a better experience for their in-house engineers and clients.

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • The Battery Innovation Center (BIC)in Newberry, Indiana, has a “boom room” where they can test to failure batteries and see what happens. It’s one of the many unique innovation processes at BIC, which helps government agencies and commercial enterprises develop, prototype, validate, and manufacture cutting-edge energy storage technology for a vast array of applications.

    In recent years, helping customers maximize their time at BIC was becoming more difficult. Although BIC employed a technology management company, many infrastructure issues were still fractured, issue laden, and limiting capability. Employees had been working to make the best of the current setups, but did not have the time nor the broader capability to handle the IT issues that were hindering the development and scale-up process and also frustrating clients.

  • The solution for BIC had to include a number of elements, including:

    • Ongoing systems management and oversight
    • Critical Up-time priority and responsiveness
    • Facility-specific security and safety solutions

    Matrix Integration proposed a MiAssurance service offering, which is a process driven, highly responsive, ongoing service plan dedicated to the customer’s needs. The process began with a 45-day onboarding period, where a Matrix Client Advocate worked onsite with BIC’s staff to assess their current technology and draft a roadmap to shift management responsibility to Matrix.

    After the assessment, BIC decided to hire Matrix for several security projects, including installing equipment direct access points, updated virtual servers for lab, camera and badge system, electronic room scheduling kiosk with Microsoft Outlook integration, Cisco Meraki network switching and wireless access points, priority help-desk to ensure IT related items are resolved same call/same day, a roadmap of business and security needs along with future projects; ie: Matrix’s MiConnection solution with a “visual paging” system, which alerts employees of security alerts with different colors of flashing lights in the facility.

  • After 45 days, the onboarding period led to a smooth transition when the agreement went “live.” Today, all of BICs network infrastructure, including management of the new security systems, is a part of the organization’s MiAssurance agreement with Matrix Integration. Matrix staff members are fully trained on BIC’s needs and manage all their vendors. For example, if BIC has a problem with its database, the BIC employee calls Matrix, and Matrix works with the database vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    In the long-term, Matrix and BIC plan to work together to monitor and manage product lifecycles as well as harden security measures. Overall, BIC is already experiencing benefits such as:

    • Reliable, continuous service and support for clients
    • Consistent, predictable IT management invoices from Matrix, which are based on a per-user cost
    • No staff time wasted dealing with technology or security issues


What our Clients are Saying


Management of our network is much easier now. The streamlining of our infrastructure and the upgrades in security and backups mean that we can focus on supporting our company as it continues to grow.

IT Manager,
Global Automotive Supply Chain Company

It was a pleasure to work with Matrix. They were very knowledgeable about all aspects of the installation, easy to communicate with and able to resolve any questions or issues.”

Jeff Payne
NTN Driveshaft Anderson

Everything was specified as planned and the ordering process was very quick and easy. The Matrix team was very polite and professional and completed the work in 1 day versus 2. Overall I highly recommend Matrix for any networking needs!”

Jesse Harvey
Tri-County Career Center

The Matrix team is always very professional and their technicians are world-class solution providers.”

Virgil Rasche
Hampton Inn Evansville/Airport

Thanks to the Matrix team, the project ran smoothly from beginning to end with no disruption of service and we experienced no problems after the installation.”

John Louden
Lexington Fayette County Health Department

I’m extremely thankful to be in a strategic partnership with Matrix Integration. Their technical expertise, leadership, and attention to detail, along with our industry leading solutions and technologies will ensure that we are offering the best in class solutions to their end users and customers. They are the true definition of a “partner” and care about the entire ecosystem.”

Steven DeMarzio
Trend Micro

"IT is critical, like accounting, but should NOT be the center of our business. Before Matrix we had big, unresolved issues for months, some for years. Some we just got used to trying to work around or circumvent. We didn’t know what good and reliable support looked like. When we switched to Matrix, we quickly realized what we were missing for so many years. The team is responsive and typically they resolve the issue in the first call. They have made the team’s jobs so much easier.”

Ben Wrightsman
President and CEO, BIC

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