Flash Storage and the End of the Hour Glass.

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State of the Mainstream Data Center in 2015.

The current limiting factor to performance is not compute, but storage.

To fully utilize today’s processing power requires a steady feed of data.

To enable a real time computing experience and support future workloads, magnetic media must be retired from production systems.

Flash storage will become mainstream in 2016

Two tipping points will happen in 2016, this isn’t a prediction it’s already in progress.

  • SSD drive capacity will exceed magnetic media in the same form factor.
  • Cost of high endurance SSD drives will be lower than 15,000RPM hard drives of the same capacity.

This is enabled by next generation 3D NAND chips.

A revolution is coming

The future is even more exciting. Technology that has been stuck in the lab for decades will finally come to scale.

Resistive memory technology will replace NAND based storage and DRAM, completely change the compute architecture.

This will finally put an end to the hour glass.

How will you respond to this industry shift?

Today’s buying decisions must take in to account the entire lifecycle.

Matrix Integration can help you create a vision for your data center of tomorrow.

We can enable your success through assessment, proof of concept, and lifecycle planning for current and future storage needs.

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