3 Easy Ways to Implement New Technology.

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It’s always a great day when the delivery truck arrives stacked to the brim with new toys: black blinking boxes of technology that you can’t wait to open and play with. It’s like a birthday party.

But just like your birthday party, the worst part is written in red: Some Assembly Required.

Implementation means a lot of things: installing, configuring, integrating, testing and training. If you’re like most organizations, your IT department, including your chief, is going to be working on the installation for a week. Maybe two. Three on the outside. Okay maybe a month.

How long can you afford to have your IT department struggling with implementing new technology? How many days can you afford to lose them to a big project?

Here are 3 easy ways to get it done right.

#1 Partner Up

Work with a partner who understands your custom system and how to best implement it, according to your unique needs, is the best way to keep your organization on track. Having a Solution Architect, a Project Manager and a team of certified engineers at your side is a lifesaver.

#2 Divide & Conquer

The day the boxes arrive is not the time to learn something new. Take on the tasks you can accomplish easily and give your partner the responsibility of handling the rest. And if you’ve got too much on your plate, let them handle the whole thing while you don’t lift a finger.

#3 The Handoff

At some point, you’ve got to decide you’re done. Usually this means right after the implementation is complete. Your partner can handle the testing, debugging and training your staff while you get back to work focusing on what’s important.

Working with Matrix Integration, many organizations have discovered the rewards of working with experienced industry professionals who make new technology work quickly and well.

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