Who’s defending your business from technological disaster?.

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With technology changing faster than ever, is anyone on your team playing defense against the inevitable?

You? You’re running as fast as you can to move the ball downfield. Your Sales Director? He’s busy building relationships with clients. Your General Manager? She’s on fifteen calls putting out twenty different fires.

Nobody is managing the technology that supports your enterprise, fixing the flaws in your system and defending against the catastrophic risks a true system failure would bring.

Until now.

Meet your Virtual CIO.

He’s thinking about your technology today, where you want it to be tomorrow, and the tools you need to move forward. He translates technical requirements into business impacts, mitigates risks, solves your pains, maintains the budget and develops a long-term technology strategy to evolve your business. He never takes vacations, calls in sick, or asks for a day off…and the best part is you only pay him a fraction of what a real salary would cost you.

You have put a lot of money, time, and effort into your infrastructure; it needs to be protected. It is critical to think ahead, know the obstacles, and come up with solutions that keep your clients coming back. You don’t have time to do it yourself and neither does your team.

Protect yourself. Get your Virtual CIO to defend your future.

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Matrix Integration specializes in information technology solutions for small & medium businesses, including Virtual CIOs, IT consulting, communications, networking, implementation, wireless, data centers, staff augmentation, managed services, remote monitoring, and disaster recovery.

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