Which IT Storage Solution is Right for Me? (Part 1 of 2).

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Innovation is disrupting your business. Your ability to transform your network storage to meet new expectations will, in part, determine your success or failure.

There’s a lot at stake and a lot of questions that need answers. Is your problem that your storage is too complex? Or do you need to scale quickly? Is cost a prohibitive factor? How much downtime are you suffering? Do you need a solution to last 18 months or 5 years? Are you growing rapidly and need a solution to keep up? Or is your existing performance poor, slow and inconsistent?

With your company’s future on the line, how do you know which storage solution is the right fit for you?

We’re here to clear it up for you.

We know storage is a critical issue, so we are dedicating our experts to help in a two-part article to ensure you understand your storage options and make the best possible decision for your business.

Let’s take a quick look at the options available to you:

Hybrid arrays
Lower in cost than an all-flash array, a hybrid storage array with auto-tier capabilities can be a solid option for accelerating applications with minimal incremental investment. By employing a flash tier in addition to spinning media, hybrid arrays can significantly accelerate performance.

All-flash arrays
All-flash arrays are composed exclusively of solid state drives. When performance matters most, nothing can beat an all-flash array built on a flash-optimized architecture. Look for an all-flash array that can deliver consistent performance without compromising resiliency, scalability, or data mobility.

Converged flash arrays
A new concept in the flash world, the converged flash array is a category of all-flash array that can accommodate disk media as well, offering the performance and latency of an all-flash array, the affordability of a hybrid array, the agility of a unified array (with support for block workloads, file shares, and object access), and the scale and resiliency of a high-end array.

Part 1: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hyper Converged Storage

Speed, Simplicity & Service

If complexity and manpower are your only problems, look no further: Hyper Converged Storage is the right fit for you. There has been a lot of industry buzz about Hyper Converged and there’s a good reason why. This scalable, highly available appliance combines simple management, powerful computing and mature data services, along with all the virtualization services you are looking for.

Storage systems like the HC250 and HC380 systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise come with a pre-installed, pre-configured, all-inclusive feature set with automated Hewlett Packard Enterprise optimization technologies like Adaptive Optimization, auto-tiering, thin provisioning and space reclamation.

Add this to the ability to non-disruptively add, migrate, or replicate data between virtual and physical appliances without sacrificing performance with built-in Hewlett Packard Enterprise peer motion and deployment in under an hour, and you’ve got the zero-effort black box you’ve been hoping for.

Bottom Line: If manpower and available skills are your problems, Hyper Converged is the next best thing to having an extra employee dedicated to storage management.

In Part 2 of this series, we will discuss Flash, the advantages of solid state performance, and a breakdown of which solution matches your needs.

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