Is Your Network Onboarding Policy Out of Control?.

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Once upon a time, IT was the gatekeeper and ruled a virtual kingdom run on strict policies.

That story is just a fairy tale today.

Our business ecosystem is constantly under threat as billions of smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices pour into the workplace. The average user is armed with more than three devices and 40+ business or personal apps.

The expectation is that everything just works and is secure – in the office, at a branch or at home. But it’s not realistic to rely on IT and help desk staff to manually intervene whenever a user decides to work remotely or buy a new smartphone – it costs countless hours and unnecessary resources.

So how does IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the user experience?

Smart Policies with Mobility & IoT in Mind

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager makes it easy and efficient for employees, receptionists, event coordinators, and other non-IT staff to create temporary access accounts for any number of guests. MAC caching also ensures that guests easily connect throughout the day without repeatedly entering credentials on the guest portal. It delivers visibility, policy control and workflow automation in one cohesive solution.

For Matrix Integration clients, secure BYOD is the rule. Bosses and high-value employees want to use their iPads, even in your secure environment. ClearPass solves that problem by placing their device into the proper network to meet compliance standards. You know where data is coming from and going out of your system, you can integrate with third-party IT systems, and most importantly: you can stand up to an audit.

Secure & Targeted to a Single User

When one of your guest users is running malicious software, the old solution forced you to shut down the password for everyone, but ClearPass allows you to target the user and shut them down while leaving everyone else unaffected.

ClearPass also provides advanced health checks that provide extra security:

  • Handling of peer-to-peer applications, services, and registry keys.
  • Determination of whether USB storage devices or virtual machines are allowed.
  • Managing the use of bridged network interfaces and disk encryption.

Call us to talk about what Aruba ClearPass can do for your business…and take control of your onboarding.

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