Four Ways to Simplify Hybrid Cloud Workloads.

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If you’re like most companies, you have workloads that need to be managed both on premise and in the cloud. Yet managing both takes time and resources that you might not have. HPE ProLiant EC200a Easy Connect, powered by Intel, is a managed hybrid server that’s designed to help SMBs simplify the management of hybrid cloud deployments.

So what are the four ways HPE ProLiant Easy Connect can simplify hybrid cloud for you?

1. Workload Integration

HPE ProLiant Easy Connect comes preconfigured with integrated compute, storage and network components along with cloud management and virtualization software. As a result, you can deploy your workloads on demand from your data center or from the cloud. You can choose where apps and data are stored for the ultimate in infrastructure flexibility and reliability.

2. Management Efficiency

The device comes with remote management from the cloud to simplify the task of keeping apps up to date. All patches, updates and security management can be handled as a managed service with an affordable pay-as-you-go model. This makes budgeting more predictable and reduces management time for your IT staff.

3. Deployment Simplicity

The server comes as a plug-and-play device. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s installed, so there’s minimal IT impact – freeing staff to focus on core IT initiatives. It’s also small enough to be mounted on a wall, so it takes up very little room in the data center helping to reduce the cost of hardware sprawl.

4. Data Center Savings

The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect small form factor and managed service model is built to help SMBs save on their hybrid cloud deployments. The flexible, preconfigured form factor has been estimated to deliver a 60 percent savings in TCO, while the managed services have been projected to reduce server administration costs by 90 percent.

Just getting started with cloud? Already have a hybrid cloud mix in which some of your workloads are deployed on site and others in a mix of private and public cloud? Matrix Integration is an HPE Platinum Converged Infrastructure Specialist partner that can help you deploy HPE ProLiant Easy Connect.

View the video to see how easy it is to simplify your move to hybrid cloud with Matrix Integration and HPE ProLiant Easy Connect – then call Bob Herzog at 812-481-5002 or click the contact button below for your free consultation and the opportunity to win a comprehensive, custom assessment of your business systems valued at $5,000.

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