Why Aruba for your District?.

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As you can imagine, I meet with a lot of school districts, answering questions and giving guidance on upgrades to their system.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is whether Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a quality choice for a school’s needs. In fact, I’ve answered that question so many times I thought it would be worthwhile getting all my answers into a single list to present for the K-12 community as a whole.

Here are the top 6 reasons education clients can be excited about Aruba:

1. RF Innovations

Ever see a room full of kids streaming HD YouTube and some are getting excellent performance, while other clients are buffering or not getting a stream? Yeah – it happens too often on many wireless platforms.

One of the biggest problems we see as wireless clients becomes more dense is “sticky clients”. These clients hang on to a remote AP too long, rather than roaming. Also, many of you have told me you see situations where certain clients monopolize the APs bandwidth.

Aruba’s RF innovations ClientMatch & AirTime Fairness ensure WLAN client performance is NOT compromised under any circumstance.

2. Performance Matters

Based on competitive lab tests, as well as many bake-offs in Primary and Higher Education, Aruba APs perform up to 30% better than competitors with similar specifications. Much of this performance gain is due to the ClientMatch and AirTime Fairness technologies.

3. AppRF

AppRF can detect over 1500+ applications in 21 categories and offer policy control based on these applications/categories. Web Content Classification (web filtering) is also offered.

4. Feature Rich & Flexible

Aruba can be deployed in various ways to meet your district’s needs. Controller, Controller-less, Cloud Managed or On Premise management are all supported on this platform with the same APs.

5. Flexible License Management

Aruba does NOT have a mandatory subscription license and can be managed locally or via the Cloud. Your network still works if you choose to not renew support.

6. 3rd Party Integration

Aruba Management (Airwave) and Policy Server (ClearPass) integrates seamlessly with all major network vendors equipment. So, we can pull everything together in single panes of management even if you aren’t ready to change your entire district over to Aruba the first year, or maybe you want to keep those non-Hewlett Packard Enterprise switches you purchased a few years ago.

Bottom Line:

You want to enable your district to succeed. Knowing how is half the battle. Aruba is the direct upgrade from your existing Hewlett Packard Enterprise network, and well worth consideration.

For your own personal whiteboard session on what’s up with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, contact us.

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