6 Reasons to Love Hyperconverged.

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Disaster Recovery means being prepared for the inevitable. But how much time can you afford to spend defending against your worst-case scenario?

There’s a fine line between proper caution and doomsday prepping. In our experience, most clients are either a) not prepared for DR in any meaningful way or b) prepared correctly, but bogged down in the labor necessary to protect themselves.

Our solution solves both problems.

Hyperconverged systems allow data center services to be managed in a single application while leveraging software, not hardware, to break down the silos of storage and computing, allowing them to run and be managed on the same server platform. Say adios to your management problems and aloha to affordable efficiency.

Here are 6 reasons you will love Hyperconverged:

1. Virtualization
The agility to create new virtual machines allows you to mirror data, create snapshots and enhance replication. With a scaled out architecture you’re spreading risk among different components while leveraging the same hardware for multiple functions.

2. Efficiency
Here’s where the rubber meets the road: Centralized systems and management allows you to seamlessly manage a complex infrastructure, accelerate virtualized workloads, reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency and reduce cost. And best of all: you don’t need an advanced skill set to manage a hyperconverged environment.

3. Availability
High availability goes hand-in-glove with hyperconverged systems, which allows you to mirror multiple servers, replicate the snapshots, and push them off to a separate server. Everything is available for you at a click, even after the unthinkable happens.

4. Cost
Watch your overhead drop. Hyperconverged’s lower cost of entry doesn’t require extra storage on site because all the data has gone to the cloud. Auto-discovery streamlines your software so virtualization overhead costs no longer exists, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

5. Scalability
Whether you’ve got 20 SANs or 3 pizza box servers, hyperconverged software’s building-block approach can grow with you as you need it. As your needs expand, you can future-proof your architecture one step at a time without committing to a 5-year SAN to get what you want.

6. Simplicity
You need a pool of resources you can manage easily. Centralized management of virtual environments via a single interface decreases your labor, offers streamlined acquisition, and reduces complexity for deployment and support. You decrease the time you spend managing your DR resources and give yourself the flexibililtiy to stay on top of it easily.

Combine all these benefits together and you can see why hyperconverged is a gamechanger for everything from financial and healthcare to manufacturing and higher ed. This is the future of disaster recovery and it’s available for you right now.

If you’re not running hyperconverged yet, you will be.

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