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Navigating the twists and turns of carrier services is key to a fast, secure, cost-effective network

Many times when we start working with a client, they’re in crisis mode. A server is down or their connectivity is at a crawl and they’re in danger of losing customers, data, or both. Telecommunications is not on their priority list.

But once we get systems working again, upgrading their telecommunications is one of the first things we advise clients to consider moving forward.

Customizing a carrier services solution gets you results you can see immediately. You will:

  • Get a lot more bandwidth for less money
  • End your reliance on copper wires, which are slower and more susceptible to damage
  • Reduce the amount of hardware you need to buy and maintain
  • Increase network security

Here’s how we employed a carrier services solution with one of our clients.

Southern Hills’s Story

Southern Hills is a counseling center with five locations and four group homes based in southern Indiana. Southern Hills has utilized Matrix Integration as a long standing partner for technology services and implementations. When a change by a carrier caused an increase in costs for the center, Southern Hills needed to plan for a reconfigured network infrastructure that would keep costs down but increase dependability.

Matrix’s Carrier Services were a major component of that plan. Our strong relationships with local carriers helped us negotiate a custom solution to create an all-fiber network that connected all of Southern Hill’s branches – even for branches where carriers had previously said, “No, we can’t do that.”

With our help, a new, all-fiber network was assembled and allows Southern Hills to:

  • Pay one lower bill to one company for carrier services.
  • Increase bandwidth exponentially and work with much faster network speeds.
  • Offer staff and clients a reliable fiber network that, unlike copper, isn’t susceptible to things like storms, fires and other environmental factors.
  • Reduce the amount of hardware needed. With fiber connections, branches can connect to the corporate location and utilize a single carrier for phone service vs. paying multiple carriers for services at each location.

Michael Albrecht, Computer Systems Manager for Southern Hill’s said, “Consolidating the network has enabled us to reduce the complexity of the network. For instance, processes like print services are centralized and less challenging to manage. The network bandwidth allows consistent speed across all locations. Changing from traditional POTS to SIP opened up additional features for our hybrid hosted Mitel Communication services.”

If you want to know more about Southern Hill’s success or how we’ve helped other companies revamp and streamline their telecommunications services, contact us! We’ll talk about any issues you’re having and how we can help get you on the right path to streamline and reduce costs with carrier services while increasing speed, capacity and security.

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