The Impact of Women in Technology.

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Did you know that Matrix Integration is one of the largest, most successful women-owned technology companies in the Midwest?

Brenda Stallings, who founded the business in 1979, didn’t know the success she’d eventually have in the tech industry. Nearly 40 years later, as the leader of an award-winning technology company, Stallings continues to lift up and inspire her colleagues.

It’s also why Stallings and the other women who work at Matrix are proud to promote National Business Women’s Week™, October 15 through October 19, which is sponsored by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation.

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and tech jobs provide some of the highest starting salaries of any profession. Although computing is still a male-dominated industry, women have a lot to offer, whether through their skills in engineering, math and science, their creativity, or their organizational skills.

Read this press release about how women can support each other and make an impact in technology, and hear from the women at Matrix as they discuss their careers in technology and what they’ve learned throughout their careers.


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