Happy & Safe Holidays – Tips to Protect Data While You Travel.

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As we get close to Thanksgiving, did you know that more than 100 million people will fly, drive or take a train between now and New Year’s? That also means millions of phones, laptops and tablets will be lost, hacked, or stolen.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals love this time of year. Tapping into an unknown Wi-Fi source at the airport could leave you open to hacking, just as much as forgetting your phone on the seat next to you.

We work with all kinds of organizations to develop cybersecurity plans that protect the central network as well as individual users. Phones and laptops are increasingly attractive targets. Here are some ways you can protect yourself, your company and your personal data during holiday travel:

  1. Back up everything. Take the time to back up before your trip. This few minutes could save you hours or days later.
  2. Patch and protect. Make sure your phone has the most updated operating systems and software. The newest security patches make it harder for your devices to get hacked.
  3. Beware of Bluetooth. Those Bluetooth ear buds are nice to block out airport noise, but using Bluetooth can provide an opening for others to connect to your device. If possible, disable Bluetooth in busy crowded spaces.
  4. No paper passwords. Scribbled-down passwords are easy to steal. Instead, look for well-known password management software, which encrypt data, so even if it’s stolen, it’s useless for criminals.
  5. Be mindful of surroundings. Is someone looking over your shoulder? Criminals often target crowded travel areas and can steal your passwords by watching you type it in. Don’t log into anything sensitive in public – or if you need to, make sure your screen and hands are out of view.

If you remember to update and back up your devices, as well as take precautions on the road, you’re much less likely to lose your data this season. Read more about Matrix’s network security solutions, and contact us with questions. In the meantime, stay safe, and enjoy the holidays!

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