Why Manufacturing Clients Enter IT Consulting Agreements.

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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a major transformation. As the industrial sector relies more and more on technology, companies need to keep up, or they’ll find themselves overtaken by firms that are faster and more flexible.

The speed of business – and the need to keep earning income while implementing new technologies – are the main reasons why many of our manufacturing clients are entering into IT consulting agreements with Matrix.

These agreements allow us to:
  • Help your internal team focus on their core competencies while we do assessments, planning, purchasing and installations
  • Devote time and energy to long-term strategic planning
  • Quickly recruit temporary IT staff or provide your company with an interim CIO
  • Train teams on new equipment and system software
  • Provide a third-party perspective on your current network and security
  • Give you real-world advice about current technologies while staying focused on ROI

Example: A logistics company enters into an IT consulting agreement

We work with a logistics company that relies heavily on technology to get products where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there. A delay of just a few hours could shut down a manufacturing line for hours and cost their clients – and the logistics company – thousands of dollars.

Through a consulting agreement, we’ve been able to assign a high-level, seasoned IT professional to their company full-time to help them expand operations without missing a beat. The logistics company and their internal IT team keep products moving from warehouses to their final destinations, while our professional and temporary support staff work on the expansion, making sure that the wireless, networking and security systems are working together seamlessly before combining them with the existing network.

Just like our logistics client, we can help you sustain your business while you undergo the major shift from traditional manufacturing to Industry 4.0. Wherever you are in this process, we can help determine what you need to get there in the most economical way, keeping the possibilities open for even more advanced technology as well as future growth.

Where is your company in the technology transformation process? What are your next steps?

Want to know more? Get the details on our professional IT consulting services and read about real-world IT solutions in our success stories. And, as always, contact us to learn more!

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