Answering the Call – The Surprising Sophistication of Phone Systems for Medical Practices.

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…And it costs much less than practices are paying now


Even with the rise in telehealth visits in the past year, voice-based telephone systems remain one of the most critical tools for medical practices. It’s typically how patients first make contact with your practice and communicate with your team. Within the practice, the voice system connects patients with the right person at the right time, no matter where they are physically working.

Communications technology has leapt forward in recent years, allowing businesses of all sizes to get advanced capabilities that just weren’t available in the past. But for many practices, it’s been a long time since their phone system was upgraded. Most practices deal with growth by cobbling together solutions as they go, which can lead to diminished efficiency, breakdowns and workarounds.

More Functionality, Less Cost and Administration

When we introduce MiConnection, a cloud-based, PBX voice solution to our clients, they’ve been surprised at what telephony systems can do now. You can get enterprise-level features for a small- or medium-sized practice, many times at half the cost of what you’re paying now.

And best of all, it’s managed by Matrix Integration in the cloud, so the members of your practice can focus on patient care and the business of the practice.

Five Advantages of an Upgraded Phone System
  • No more dependence on phone companies. Matrix Integration hosts the entire phone/voice system, so if there’s an issue or a change, Matrix is there to help 24/7/365.
  • Easy routing. The web-based CommPortal allows phone users or administrators to manage call routing and other preferences from a desktop or smartphone. Optionally, you can choose to have Matrix manage routing for you.
  • Phone number management. Offices can keep their current phone numbers and have as many or few direct numbers as their practice demands. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for patients to reach the right person, and Matrix works directly with you to create a setup that works best with current workflows.
  • Significantly reduced downtime. When phones go down, the cause is often an on-premise PBX equipment failure. MiConnection is a cloud-based system, with no associated equipment to repair.
  • More mobility. If employees are out of the office, they can easily have their direct number routed to the location they chose.

Matrix Integration installs the same telephone system in medical practices that enterprise customers use. Since we charge our customers per user, you get the same functionality at a greatly reduced cost.

Discover real solutions and read a few of our case studies to learn more about how MiConnection has helped our clients with their communications needs.

If you have questions or are ready to talk with someone about MiConnection, contact us here.

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