Get Proactive During Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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There’s more than one way to get ahead of cybercriminals. Being proactive can save you money whether you are the target of an attack or not.

It’s always a good idea to take stock of your cybersecurity position, and there’s no better time than October to thoroughly review and strategize the future of your technology security plan. It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which means we’re spreading the word about ways to take a more proactive stance towards cybercriminals and bad actors, but also help clients stay ahead of issues like cyber-insurance policies and aging technology.

Three Benefits of Proactive Stance Against Cyber Criminals

In addition to the obvious benefit of preventing a major attack, it’s important for your company to take these three cyber issues seriously, and act now before it is too late:

  1. Keep cyber-insurance up to date. Today’s insurers will drop clients who don’t keep their security plans current, and their requirements are always increasing. Instead of scrambling to meet insurance company deadlines, companies that are proactive about policy reviews will be ahead of the curve and easily pass an audit. Without insurance, you may be exposed to losing thousands, if not millions, from a cyberattack.
  2. Practice with the internal IT team. Part of being proactive about cybersecurity issues means that your company’s IT team will practice how to handle various scenarios internally and in partnership with their external security team. Knowing and agreeing on the protocol to handle fast-developing incidents is key to a quick resolution and minimizing loss.
  3. Expose and patch holes before they become problems. Consistent monitoring and evaluation of your cybersecurity readiness means that holes or weak spots – such as older software, data corruption, or misappropriated passwords – will get caught earlier and resolved before they turn into open doors for bad actors to enter an unauthorized network.

Being Proactive Pays Off

In 2022, the FBI received more than 800,000 complaints of cybercrime, estimating a loss of more than $10 billion for businesses and individuals.

But if we plan ahead, we don’t have to be on the losing end. There are so many new tools to help us harden your company’s surfaces against cybercriminals like cutting-edge cloud-based security solutions. At Matrix, we also help by adding that human element, keeping an eye on your security operations 24//7. We hope to save our clients millions of dollars this way.

For more information on cybersecurity solutions and services (like MiProtection), or for a free cybersecurity assessment, contact us today.

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