3 Easy Ways to Get Your Time Back So You Can Focus on Your Business.

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Time is fleeting—you can’t make more of it and you can’t get it back.

Your time is at a premium, but the vast majority of business leaders waste hours every week on non-essential tasks. Technology was supposed to be the great solution to make your life easier, but how much time do you spend trying to fix the problems technology causes?

Here are three simple tools you can use to regain control of your time:

1. Remote Management

Your servers, network, backups and phone systems are necessary tools, and they require constant management to run properly. Those man-hours have to come from somewhere, and chances are it’s someone on your staff who gets the job (despite the fact that it wasn’t why you hired them). Or worse…you’re doing it yourself.

Remote management of your technology makes sure your servers run properly, your network is steady, and your phones keep ringing. Plus, you get experts monitoring your technology, so the little problems are eliminated before they become big problems.

2. Help Desk

IT is changing. Do more with less is the mantra, but how do you pull that off when your IT is managing minor problems instead of providing the analysis you need? They’re overworked, overburdened and out of time.

Take advantage of Help Desk. Printer isn’t working? Help Desk’s got it. Operating system failed? Help Desk’s got it. SharePoint, OneDrive, O365 and Office can all be addressed with Help Desk. Just submit a ticket and get a quick fix.

3. Staff Augmentation

Your IT staff has plenty of things they’re good at. But what happens when they run up against a problem that’s too big to tackle? You’ve seen them spend hours, days or weeks trying to fix a problem, and you’ve paid for the time they spent figuring out a solution.

Call in the cavalry with Staff Augmentation. Expert help on every conceivable issue is just a phone call away, and the pros can handle the task faster, more efficiently, and without wasted effort.

Get Help Today

If you are trying to manage your IT on your own, you are in danger of losing the most precious thing you have: your time. Get the help you need, and keep your focus on what matters—your business.

For an in-depth analysis of your current system and a solution to fit your needs, contact us and start spending your time wisely.

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