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By: Reggie Gresham

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Many schools are continuing to struggle, not just with the complexities of e-learning, but with a technology infrastructure that can accommodate sophisticated learning platforms and greatly increased internet usage.

Working with one of our longtime partners, Cisco, we’ve been able to create a “Classroom of the Future” within a very short time frame. These technology solutions achieve several objectives:

  • They help to solve the immediate need for schools that have ramped up e-learning requirements, and;
  • They are built to continue to pay off when things go back to “normal” and both teachers and students get back into the classroom.
Key Features of the Classroom of the Future

The investment in technology is always a tough budget decision. One example where the expenditure is paying off is at Mooresville Schools, a K-12 district located southwest of Indianapolis.

Jake Allen, the assistant superintendent, wanted to set up a robust remote learning system, which ideally, could be set up quickly. He and his team worked with Matrix Integration to design the ideal solution.

“We discussed all of our challenges as well as our ideal outcomes,” said Allen. “Together we developed an e-learning system that was implemented within weeks, with plenty of room to grow.”

The solution includes several key features:

  • Teachers can collaborate with administrators and each other to create short-term solutions as well as long-term, creative teaching and learning tools
  • The solution is powerful and flexible to encourage as much interaction between teachers and students as possible

The system includes WebEx with TelePresence endpoints. WebEx allows for a safe, secure, continuous learning environment for the students, and the TelePresence endpoints allow teachers to be free from their desks, so they can move around the room all while staying engaged with their students.

WebEx’s seamless integration with most Learning Management Systems allows for ease of classroom attendance. If classrooms are equipped with a display device which has an HDMI port, the teachers can effortlessly share content and stay connected with the students. With WebEx, the teachers are provided with free, unlimited recordings that they can share safely. And another bonus feature: WebEx can automatically translate the teacher’s language into a different language, via subtitles, within the recorded session.

IT Strategy Provides Savings in the Millions

This type of comprehensive learning environment can be a major financial boost for districts. At a time when parents are choosing to homeschool rather than manage e-learning, keeping families from leaving the district can lead to millions of dollars saved.

The estimated savings is estimated to be about $7 million in state funding at Mooresville Schools.

Matrix Integration has been a trusted IT provider for K-12 schools for more than 30 years. Our industry partners, like Cisco, have made it even easier, faster and more cost-effective to develop creative solutions for schools, even when the educational environment changes rapidly.

Does your district need to boost its e-learning presence? Get in touch! We can discuss your needs, as well as put you in touch with other school districts that have worked with Matrix as their IT consultant.

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