CPAs and Professional Services – Four Ways an Upgraded Phone System Can Help Your Business Operate Smoothly and Efficiently.

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By: Rob Wildman


If your business is like millions of others across the globe, it’s highly likely your communications needs changed drastically in the past year. Not only are more employees working from home now, but more companies than ever plan to continue some form of remote or flexible work arrangements beyond 2021.

It’s also a year where most companies scrambled to handle customer service calls, with the added complication of a remote workforce. Many companies ended up with a cobbled-together phone system that works right now, but is generally inefficient and difficult to manage.

Flexibility for the Long-Term

MiConnection® from Matrix Integration is a cloud-based communication solution designed to help your customers reach your staff members wherever they are – whether they’re on the road or working from home. There is less on-site equipment, and because it’s cloud-based, and it can be expanded or adjusted to be just as flexible as your business needs to be.

Matrix Integration takes care of all the details, including buying equipment, installation, staff training, and ongoing service. MiConnection is fully managed by the Matrix Technical Assistance Center (MTAC) team, and they are available to help administrators or individual employees with questions, moves, add-ons or changes.

Four Advantages of a Matrix-Managed Phone System

1. Cost Management

The MiConnection system takes the place of a monthly phone bill. Companies only need to buy what they need at one flat rate per month. There are no unexpected charges, and Matrix can help with additional equipment as your business grows.

2. Simplified Workflow And Call Control

Your entire phone system can be managed via CommPortal, a single interface, which provides users and administrators complete visibility into the phone system as well as the capability to manage call routing and other preferences right on the desktop to manage your needs. Of course, Matrix can configure this for you if needed.

3. Work Anywhere

The MiConnection cloud-based, hosted PBX service is designed to handle the way most companies are working now, with a mobile, round-the-clock workforce.

4. Enterprise-Class Features

In the past, small-to-medium-sized accounting firms, real estate offices and other professional service companies rarely had the opportunity to access powerful phone features like enterprise-sized firms. Today, because those features are in the cloud, companies can access any features they want, including direct inward dialing, CRM integration, video collaboration, E911, visual displays, and much more.

This type of advanced telephone system likely costs the same or less than most companies are paying right now, especially if they’re still working with an extensive network of individual lines. Communications technology has leapt forward in recent years, allowing business of all sizes to get advanced capabilities that just weren’t available in the past.

Read a few of our case studies to learn more about how MiConnection has helped our clients with their communications needs.

If you’re ready to dive forward with MiConnection, contact us.

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